A Band is Born

Several years after the release of Helium Taxi, an album produced and released by Austin guitarist Rob Lifford, the project has evolved into a band bearing the same name.

In the years immediately following the album's release, Rob played a series of shows in central Texas with a rotating cast of musicians, frequently including personnel from the recording: band members borrowed from MilkDrive and Wood & Wire.

Other frequent collaborators on these shows included fiddler Andy Lentz and mandolinist BJ Lazarus, and after a period of inactivity while Lentz and Lifford lived abroad (in Costa Rica and Spain, respectively), the trio reunited to begin performing a new set of expressive, dynamic instrumental material that continues in the spirit of the Helium Taxi album. The addition of Josh Flowers on bass finalized the transformation into a band in early 2017.

Contact booking@heliumtaxi.com for booking inquiries, or band@heliumtaxi.com for other requests.